Building Care Teams Around Loved Ones.

Finally, a secure platform that enables families and professionals to coordinate care.

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“I am now able to connect my daughter’s teacher, speech-language therapist, and tutor all on the same discussion board, organized by topic threads, all in one place. We are literally and figuratively on the same page now.”


“The eCare Vault platform enables me to organize each child’s records and share reports with parents in a super-secure, privacy-compliant manner. Also, this significantly cuts triage time during intake, raises productivity during report-writing and provides a seamless channel for follow-up with the child’s various touch-points in the home, school and other settings.”


“I now feel that I’m part of a child’s team rather than the only one trying to teach to his or her unique learning style. I am actually saving time and I feel more effective, because I get to focus on what I’m good at – teaching, while leveraging the expertise of others, both in and out of school.”