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A privacy-compliant bridge for care coordination between educators, community health providers, and families.

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Timely, Secure and Effective Care Team Collaboration Across Settings

Even the smallest communication mishaps can be detrimental for clients, students or family members in your care. eCare Vault helps you securely communicate key information with trusted team members across the school, home, clinic and community. The cloud-based application accessible from both your desktop and smart phone, ensures 360-degree care coordination by tracking behaviors, services, and important incidents in real time.  Best of all, enjoy peace-of-mind on a privacy-compliant platform ( HIPAA and FERPA), while enhancing health and education outcomes.


Bridge the gap between Education and Health


Build privacy-compliant care teams in the cloud


Measure, analyze, and enhance individual potential


eCare Vault is a state-of-the-art care coordination platform that adheres to the highest standards of privacy, including HIPAA and FERPA. Students’ worlds don’t stop and start at the school door—the scope of information that you need to fully support each student has expanded. eCare Vault connects you with team members both in and out of the school setting, providing you with a holistic view of each student. Seamlessly exchange documents, forms and comments for real-time collaboration, supervision and parent engagement.

Community Health Providers

Your youngest clients spend most of their waking day at school. In order to provide them with effective treatment plans, you need to be aware of the tests, services, interventions, and learning and behavior goals that they are being given at school.  Your senior clients likely have home health services and multiple providers in the community. eCare Vault enables seamless sharing of documents, forms and services across each setting and connects you to their entire support team in real time.


As your loved one’s biggest advocate, you’ve probably felt the bulk of responsibility for sharing information across their care providers. At the same time, you’ve probably often felt in the dark about your loved one’s care. eCare Vault lifts the burden of care coordination by connecting all the team members of your child or elderly family member, for truly integrated care.

“We are very committed to engaging our parents and our community partners.  eCare Vault will now allow us to maintain a close tab on our students who need multiple services across various contexts, so that we can truly service the whole child through team-based collaboration.”

– Superintendent

“The eCare Vault platform enables me to organize each client’s records and share reports in a super-secure, privacy-compliant manner. Also, this significantly cuts triage time during intake, raises productivity during report-writing and provides a seamless channel for follow-up with the client’s various touch-points in the home and other settings.”

– Neuropsychologist

“As a coordinator of home health care services, it is so helpful to stay connected with family members who can provide valuable input and share updated information via eCare Vault.”

– Nurse

“I am now able to connect my daughter’s teacher, speech-language therapist, and tutor all on the same discussion board, organized by topic threads, all in one place. We are literally and figuratively on the same page now.”

– Parent

“I can take care of my elderly father with Alzheimer’s and share information with his care providers on this secure cloud-based platform. What’s more, I can share responsibilities with my other siblings, in terms of who takes care of what for him. That way, we’re not all feeling the stress and no one is feeling left out either!”

– Caregiver