Your First Mile for Patient-Centric Connectivity

An easy-to-use, privacy-compliant platform that empowers user coordination, engagement and retention through actionable strategies for the Healthcare and Education industry.

Our Approach

We are not your typical out-of-the-box SaaS 

We are an extension of your team – your technology partner to achieve your top patient-centric goals

Our talented team optimizes workflows with seamless, integrated solutions 

Our modular, privacy-compliant web and mobile  platform can be branded exclusively for you

Meet eCare Vault – designed by Harvard clinicians and MIT engineers

Who We Serve

 Clinical Research 

Are you a Biopharmaceutical Company looking to:

  • Accelerate Patient Recruitment and Retention for clinical trials?
  • Enable longitudinal patient journey tracking and analytics for registry studies? 
  • Boost post-approval medication adherence and patient engagement?


Clinical Care

Are you a Hospital, Clinic or Healthcare Plan  looking to:

  • Reduce Readmission Rates, Length of Stay and ED visits?
  • Increase Patient Engagement, Steerage and Operational Efficiencies?
  • Gather SDOH and population health data for powerful predictive analytics? 


Special Education

Are you a K-12 school district, Higher Ed Institution or EdTech Partner looking to: 

  • Document and record student’s services for reimbursable Medicaid Revenues?
  • Reduce the risk of parent litigation by tracking services rendered to students? 
  • Build cross-agency and cross-sector collaboration bridges to break down silos? 


Home, Site, Clinic or School – eCare is right there with the Patient

A patient-centric solution for team-based collaboration, efficient workflows and rich analytics

Leverage the Power of Teams

Collaborate seamlessly via secure care and study teams

Invite all stakeholders across the clinic, site, home or school

Store, Organize and Share Documents

Exchange and access important documents on all devices

Enjoy your digital filing cabinet at your fingertips

Collaborate through Secure Discussions

Say goodbye to non-compliant email and inefficient phone-tag

Engage in multi-way communication channels in a secure Vault

Assign eForms and eSignatures

Seamlessly assign and receive eForms and eSignatures

Reduce paper, streamline workflows, and collect data

Aggregate Data and View Analytics

Analyze custom dashboards to fuel data-driven strategy

Leverage first-mile patient data for predictive analytics