Enhance Care Outcomes Across the Lifespan

Eliminate fax, phone-tag, and paperwork. Facilitate Care Team Collaboration across the continuum of care.

As a Care Provider, Get Back To What You Do Best: Provide Care.

Track Services, Share Progress, and Gain Transparency

Provide visibility and accountability to enable your team to operate at their fullest ability.

Unlock the full potential of those under your care.

Your Digital Highway for Care Team Collaboration

Seamlessly exchange documents and collaborate on a multi-way communication highway.

Enjoy peace-of-mind from privacy compliance (HIPAA & FERPA) and interoperability.

How eCare Vault Unlocks Potential
eCare Vault empowers privacy-compliant document management and care team collaboration to ensure that each individual receives the right care at the right time.

Here’s how we do it:

Build Care Teams

Build virtual care teams around those you care for.

Invite family caregivers, service providers and others who play a pivotal care team role.

Store, Organize and Share Documents

Unleash the power of an organized, searchable and shareable digital filing cabinet.

Access important documents whenever and wherever you need them.

Participate in Care Discussions

Say goodbye to non-compliant email and phone-tag.

Drive on a  HIPAA & FERPA compliant, multi-way communication highway with other care team members.

Track Services Provided

View and monitor each service interaction to enable effective and efficient care delivery.

Analyze dashboards for data-driven resource planning.

Assign Forms and Signatures

Seamlessly assign and receive eForms with eSignatures. Reduce paper and streamline workflows.

Save time and work smarter, not harder.

Who We Serve


As a healthcare professional, you need a way to receive and share reports, results, notes, and other critical care information, all in real time with other members of the care team.

eCare Vault allows you to streamline your processes, coordinate care and share confidential patient information in a secure manner. This gives you the power and time to focus on the excellent care you deliver. 


As a district leader focused on special education and student care, effective and efficient service delivery is your priority.

eCare Vault empowers you to reduce paper and streamline workflows so that care documents are in one searchable, organized and shareable location.

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