eCare Vault Training Zone

Your one-stop-shop for learning all the ins and outs of eCare Vault!

How to Accept an Invitation and Join an eCare Team

Learn how to join an eCare Team after you’ve been invited with our ‘How-To’ tutorial video!

How to Assign a Form

Learn how to assign a team member an eForm with our ‘How-To’ tutorial video!

How to Start a New Team and Invite Team Members

Next in our series of ‘How-To’ tutorials, learn the steps to start a new Care Team and invite new team members!

How to Complete a Form

Learn the steps to complete an eForm within eCare Vault with our ‘How-To’ tutorial video!

How to Add or Remove a Team Member

See how to add or remove a team member from a Care Team with our ‘How-To’ tutorial!

How to Search the Platform

Learn how to search for documents and discussions within eCare Vault with our ‘How-To’ video!

How to Start a Discussion

Learn how to start a discussion and invite team members!

How to Update a Team Member's Profile

Take a look at our tutorial video on how you can update a Care Team member’s profile in eCare Vault.

How to Update the Care Recipient's Profile

Watch our tutorial video on how to update a care recipient’s profile.

How to Upload and Share a Document

Watch our training video on how to upload and share a ocument within eCare Vault!

How to Use Fax to eCare Vault

Learn how simple it is to use our Fax to eCare Vault feature!

Working with Folders

See how our folders feature makes document storage, management, and organization simple.

New resources are coming! Visit this page often to find new training videos so you can get the most out of eCare Vault!

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State-of-the-Art Security

HIPAA & FERPA Compliant Sharing of Care Recipient Information
No-View Security & Complete Encryption of User Information
Privacy-Compliant Record Request Workflows

Search, Share and Collaborate

Multi-way Care Team Collaboration to Support Care Recipients, Projects, and Initiatives
Easily Searchable Care History of All Care Recipients
Shareable Links for Care Team Members

Work Smarter, Not Harder

eForms for Faster Multi-User Completion
eSignatures for any PDF Documents or eForms
Service Assignment & Tracking for Transparency & Accountability

Superior Insights for Better Outcomes

Dashboards of Analytics for User-Submitted Data with Graphs and Statistics
Fax-to-app Features for Streamlined Document Uploads
Discuss Care Plans, Goals, Strategies, and Recommendations for Enhanced Outcomes

Stay Up-To-Date On Care Team Activity

Updates, Alerts, and Reminders via Email and Push Notifications
Incident Management and Privacy-Compliant Reporting
Control Access: View-Only Document Sharing (No-Download or Printing)