As a College Counselor at the University Health Center or the Educational Support Office, you are now able to help a student to build a care team of adults that they trust.

eCare Vault enables secure and seamless sharing of important documents and discussions around learning styles, health and other important factors to support the student in achieving their highest level of success.

Invite and Connect: Create a virtual, private care team comprised of parent/guardians, counselors, therapists, advisors and other important members of the student’s team.

Save Time and Boost Productivity: Collaborate with a student’s team members from the beginning of the admissions process through graduation, regardless of home geography, to share and manage confidential information.

Support the student over time: Access and track important information regarding a student’s academic goals, educational supports, mental health and wellness.

Enable Rapid Response: Share and receive sensitive information from parents and service providers to respond rapidly to crisis situations and fully support the student when they need it most.

“Each student feels supported, not just during the college admission process, but also during those challenging moments of campus life, because all those who support this student – both past and present – are in contact with each other.”

College Counselor

“With eCare Vault, we can now get valuable background information about a student’s learning style and social-emotional profile shared with us in a secure manner”

Dean of Student Services

Individualized Student Support and Mental Wellness

Connect a student’s education and health care team members at University for unparalleled support and individualized planning. Collaborate with everyone in a student’s network, including the student, to set them up for success! Enjoy peace of mind that all the student’s information is contained in an application that meets the strictest of privacy standards, including HIPAA and FERPA.