Student-Centric Platform for Educators

Our platform is built for educators to follow and support students along their entire educational journey – from Early Intervention, to K-12, to Vocational Training and Higher Education.

Why eCare Vault? 

Personalizes Learning

Enhances Student Outcomes

Reduces Costly Out-of-District Placements

Prevents Parent or Guardian Litigation

Longitudinal Journey of a Student

Meet large school Districts with their paper-to-digital workflow journey and mitigate litigation risk.

Ensure privacy-compliant and multi-way communication for sensitive, confidential information related to students with special needs.

Track a student’s information and gather rich student-centered data and analytics throughout their educational journey.

Privacy-Compliant Collaboration for Lifelong Learners

Swiss Vault

A privacy-compliant Swiss Vault for each student, with confidential, sensitive student information, accessible with strict permission controls on web and mobile iOS and Android apps.


Securely and accurately record services in real-time using our risk-scoring analytics and multi-tiered systems of support framework.

Our platform encourages transparency, mitigates parent litigation risk and enables schools to benefit from Medicaid revenue.

ABA Tracking

Access clinical forms from your tablet to administer and track and analyze Discrete Trial Training sessions to assess a student’s progress.

With our searchable care memory, a student’s clinical metrics are tracked longitudinally across specialist changes and other adjustments to their care.

Records Request & Due Process

Place embedded forms on any school website, simplifying the process for parents to communicate and exchange privacy-compliant documents with school administrators.

eCare Vault ensures compliance through visibility and security, important in Due Process in litigation as well as when parents need a privacy-compliant manner to share external medical records.

Interested in Partnering with eCare Vault?

eCare Vault’s mission is to bridge educators, families and the community to improve student outcomes, and we would love to partner with like-minded companies! We work with K-12 and Higher Education technology partners to create a streamline experience for your customers.