As a dedicated teacher, tutor, speech-language therapist, counselor or other health care professional, you have likely yearned for a global picture of a child’s development across home, school and other contexts.

What if you were connected to other team members who work with a child across various contexts, often on similar and related developmental goals? This would save you time, help you design targeted supports and best of all, unlock the child’s potential in a coordinated manner!

Now, there is a way for you to collaborate with a child’s care team across institutional boundaries on a state-of-the-art platform that adheres to the highest standards of security and privacy.

Invite and Connect: Team members (parents, psychologists, teachers, tutors, and specialists) to share documents, coordinate care and track progress.
Save Time and Boost Productivity: By efficiently collaborating with other team members online to quickly gather background information and to design coordinated supports.
Build Long-Term Partnerships: By staying engaged with the child’s development over time, exchanging new referrals and providing targeted follow-on services.
Enjoy Peace of Mind: From security and privacy of all confidential data on our platform upheld to the strictest of standards (including HIPAA and FERPA), developed by our MIT-trained software architects.
New Features Coming Soon… Provider Directory Listing, Tracking Time Spent on Care Coordination and Advanced Reporting for Professionals.
“I now feel that I’m part of a child’s team rather than the only one trying to teach to his or her unique learning style. I am actually saving time and I feel more effective, because I get to focus on what I’m good at – teaching, while leveraging the expertise of others, both in and out of school.” Teacher

Individualized Care Coordination

  • Connect to the child’s education team, in and out of school, for unparalleled education planning and care coordination.
  • Collaborate with the child’s care network and keep apprised of changes and updates.
  • Utilize dynamic features such as document sharing, online discussions and service planning.

Have confidence that the child’s information is contained in an application that meets the strictest of privacy standards, including HIPAA and FERPA.