You have likely experienced the hassle of playing phone tag, photocopying numerous documents and sharing the same document with multiple professionals over and over again. Don’t you wish you could save precious time and energy by not having to constantly play messenger?

If this is your situation, we’ve got you covered! Now, you can simply invite and connect your child’s teachers, tutors, counselors and specialists on eCare Vault and never wonder who has what documentation again.

Organize in One Place: Your child’s documents, discussions by topic thread, photos and all care information gathered from school and various care providers.

Invite and Connect: Your child’s team members (teachers, tutors, specialists) to share documents, coordinate care and track progress.

Keep a Living Record: That travels with your child over time, making transitions as smooth as possible.

Manage One Dashboard: That contains easy-to-view care profiles for each of your children and other loved ones, including elders whom you care for.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: From security and privacy of all confidential data on our platform upheld to the strictest of standards (including HIPAA), designed by our MIT-trained software architects.

“I am now able to connect my daughter’s teacher, speech-language therapist, and tutor all on the same discussion board, organized by topic threads, all in one place. We are literally and figuratively on the same page now.”


“Wow, this really feels like a ‘Facebook of secure care coordination.’ I’ve started a care team for my son, uploaded photos and documents and connected important, trusted adults in his life, all in one place!”


“This platform is useful even just for my wife and I to securely keep track of of key parenting notes around things like our daughter’s learning, progress and info about specialized summer camps.”


Individualized Learning & Care Coordination

Connect your child’s education and health care team members at school and in the wider community for unparalleled care coordination.

Collaborate with your child’s care network and keep apprised of changes and updates in real time.

Enjoy peace of mind that all your child’s information is contained in an application that meets the strictest of privacy standards.