Enhance Individualized Learning and Health Outcomes

If your goal is to help each child unlock his or her full learning potential, then eCare Vault is your first choice in document exchange and communication management.

For Education. For Health Care. For Both.

Parents want to know that their child’s information is organized, all in one place, and actually looked at by professionals tasked with coordinating education and health services.

Teachers and child specialists need access to all records that pertain to a child’s educational development and progress in a way that unlocks potential and enhances outcomes.

Up ‘til now, parents, teachers, psychologists, speech-language therapists and other child specialists have been frustrated by the lack of care coordination and inconsistencies in communication.

eCare Vault solves this problem by combining the security of HIPAA data compliance with the confidence of real-time collaboration between all parties involved in the child’s long-term success.

“Wow, this really feels like a ‘Facebook of secure care coordination.’ I’ve started a care team for my son, uploaded photos and documents and connected important, trusted adults in his life, all in one place!”