Increase Patient Engagement

eCare Vault allows you to engage and discuss care plans with patients, allowing you to identify social determinants of health, build better relationships, and understand the best course for care.

Reduce Patient Leakage

Your referral system is only as strong as its weakest link. eCare Vault allows you to create a modern, efficient and timely referral process to enhance patient intake and satisfaction.

Coordinate Care

eCare Vault is the bridge between your office, the community, and your patients – allowing you to communicate and collaborate with all members of a patients care team in one centralized, HIPAA-compliant location.

Reduce Physician Burnout

Streamline daily workflows and reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative paperwork

Reduce Readmission Rates

eCare Vault allows you to breakdown the siloes of care that providers operate in, to deliver integrated patient-centered care to enhance the outcomes and livelihood for patients, while also lowering the cost of healthcare.

Your Coordination and Connectivity Platform – Across the Continuum of Care

eCare Vault enables secure patient-centered care coordination, aimed at generating revenue for your health system, reducing operating costs, and ultimately enhancing your patients’ outcomes.

Build Care Teams

Build virtual patient-centered care teams.

Invite caregivers, behavioral specialists, community-based providers, family members and others who a pivotal role on a care team.

Store, Manage and Share Documents

Unleash the power of an organized, searchable and shareable digital filing cabinet.

Access important documents, notes, and forms whenever and wherever you need them.

Collaborate Through Care Discussions

Say goodbye to non-compliant email and phone-tag.

Enable privacy-compliant discussions between one or multiple members of a patients care team in a timely manner to reduce gaps in care.

Assign Forms and Signatures

Unlock the power of templated eForms to reduce paper-intensive workflows right from the start.

Save time and work smarter, not harder.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Build Care Teams Around Patients

  • Seamlessly Share Patient Documents, Clinical Notes, Medication Lists, Discharge Summaries

  • Collaborate with Multiple Community-Based Providers in Real-Time with Discussions

  • Save Time and Reduce Physician Burnout with eForms and eSignatures

  • Reduce Patient Leakage and Streamline Patient Referrals with Fax2App

  • Reduce Readmissions, ED Visits, and Enhance Care Outcomes Over Time

Creating the Bridge Between You and the Community

eCare Vault’s flexible care team approach enables privacy-compliant communication between not just you and your patients, but seamless, time-sensitive multi-way communication across all Care Team members.

This includes the patient’s families, community-based providers, social workers, pharmacists, case managers, therapists and all others who play a pivotal role in the outcomes of your patients.

Share notes, medication lists, treatment plans, forms, and discussions all in one HIPAA-compliant location.

360° Patient View Reduces Readmission Rates and Unnecessary ED Visits

Patient readmissions and unnecessary emergency department visits can cost your health system millions of dollars every single year, threatening your organization’s financial health in today’s value-based reimbursement world.

eCare Vault gives you the power to create patient analytics across the continuum of care, in order to make data-driven decisions and enable strategic planning to reduce patient readmissions and unnecessary trips to the emergency department.

Steer Care Back Into Your System and Reduce Patient Leakage

Ultimately, it’s up to the patient to choose where they receive their care. Chances are, your health system is losing significant amounts of revenue with patients seeking care beyond your network due to poor patient referral management.

eCare Vault presents a unique opportunity to steer care back into your health system to prevent patient leakage and generate more revenue. By connecting patients with your network of providers, all within eCare Vault,  you can ensure you’re patients know how and where to access their Care Team.

Streamline Workflows and Increase Operational Efficiency

On average, clinicians spend up to 12 hours of work on non-clinical paperwork per week, taking precious time away from what they want to do – focusing on providing the best care for their patients.

eCare Vault allows you to reduce time-consuming, paper-intensive workflows and brings loose papers from fax machines and print outs and places them into our platform.

With our innovative Fax2App technology and other features, driving operational efficiencies, boosting organizational productivity, and preventing the burnout of your clinicians has never been easier.

The Ultimate Guide to Care Coordination

Care Coordination is easy – but it’s essential to ensuring the best outcomes for your patients.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Care Coordination and learn how to enable collaboration and communication across care teams from multiple organizations, as well as steps and best practices to get started!