eCare Vault for Healthcare

Bringing Clinical Research and Care Into the Patient’s Home

Designed by Harvard-trained Clinicians and built by MIT Engineers, our modular, API-driven solution facilitates efficient workflows, enables unique longitudinal journey tracking, and drives unmatched data capture for success across the continuum of healthcare.

Agnostic to Therapeutic Areas and Flexible to Meet Workflow Needs

Chronic Disease Management

eCare Vault enables 360-degree disease management in order to help significantly reduce costs and drive decision care for enhancing patient outcomes for Integrated Delivery Networks.

  • Delivering System Connectivity via APIs for an Integrated User Experience to Streamline Workflows
  • Track Patient Behaviors and Analyze Data Related to Care Coordination and Patient Engagement Initiatives
  • Empower Patients to Manage Their Own Care with timely Reminders, Treatment Adherence, and Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Enable Capacity Building with Providers both In-and-Out of Network to Support the Patient in the Hospital and Home

Clinical Research

Our solution empowers flexible, virtual, patient-centered engagement and workflow solutions to enable digital, data-driven clinical trials and ensure success in each phase of clinical research.

  • Accelerate Patient Recruitment and Streamline Enrollment
  • Derive Site-Based Intelligence and Real-Time Response
  • Drive Real-Time Precision Engagement for Your Research Sites
  • Capture De-Identified Patient-Centric Data Points for Insights Into Patient Experience
  • Uncover Adverse Events via Intelligent Pattern Recognition
  • Enable Hybrid, Virtual, and Decentralized Trial Capabilities


Late Phase/Registry Studies

We enable longitudinal precision patient tracking and engagement in late-phase clinical trials to uncover insights into the relationship between therapeutic treatments and patient outcomes to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  • Achieve Patient Recruitment Goals Through Streamlined Workflows
  • Automate Patient-Centric Workflows to Drive Retention Throughout the Study
  • Aggregate Data Points to Analyze Patient Outcomes Across Geographic Regions
  • Real-Time Data Tracking to Understand Trends and Evaluate Patient Safety

Post-Approval Commercialization

eCare Vault gives your approved brands the power to enhance the patient experience and drive treatment adherence.

  • Track and Analyze Patient Behavioral Trends to Enhance Brand Marketing
  • 360-degree Precision Patient Engagement and Feedback to Drive Treatment Adherence
  • Gather Insight into Patient Care Team Structure and Gain HCP Prescription Trends
  • Enhance Patient Support Programs and Ensure Patient Safety in Treatments
  • Capture Longitudinal Patient Data For Pricing Negotiations