What would the care of you and your loved one look like if all trusted family and team members who provide care could securely organize documentation and manage communication in one place?

eCare Vault solves the frustrating issues of care coordination by providing one place to organize documentation, instructions, online communication and more in one cloud-based format. It’s just like personal social networking, but with the assurance of state-of-the-art security and privacy compliance.

Organize in One Place: All documents, including medication lists and important care information from various care providers are organized in one place and accessible 24/7.

Connect Your Care Team: You can connect various caregivers and health care professionals with each other to streamline care, and exchange relevant documentation.

Keep a Living Record: Our cloud-based platform stays up-to-date, making transitions between care providers and health care facilities as smooth as possible.

Manage One Dashboard: You can easily view and manage care profiles for each of your loved ones, including children whom you may be caring for.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: Our state-of-the-art technology is developed by MIT-trained software architects and adheres to the highest of security and privacy standards for confidential data, including HIPAA requirements.

“I can take care of my elderly father with Alzheimer’s and share information with his care providers on this secure cloud-based platform. What’s more, I can share responsibilities with my other siblings, in terms of who takes care of what for him. That way, we’re not all feeling the stress and no one is feeling left out either!”


Individualized Health Care Coordination

How you make eCare Vault work for you and your loved one’s health care journey is up to you. Utilize features such as:

  • Document sharing
  • Online discussions
  • Health care service planning

Have confidence that your loved one’s information is contained in an application that meets the strictest of privacy standards, including HIPAA-compliance.