The result? Health care planning that directly contributes to enhanced health outcomes, while boosting your productivity and keeping you privacy-compliant.
Invite and Connect: With patients, caregivers and other team members to easily access and seamlessly share documents, coordinate care, and track progress on a cohesive cloud-based platform.
Save Time and Boost Productivity: By efficiently collaborating with other team members online to quickly gather background information and to design coordinated supports.
Build Long-Term Partnerships with Patients: Stay engaged with the patient’s progress, exchanging new referrals and making transitions between providers as smooth as possible.
Enjoy Peace of Mind: All confidential data on our platform upheld to the strictest of standards (including HIPAA requirements), developed by our MIT-trained software architects.
New Features Coming Soon… Provider Directory Listing, Tracking Time Spent on Care Coordination and Advanced Reporting for Professionals.
“Yesterday’s strategy: make a phone call or two, play phone-tag and then simply give up, moving along a blind alley of assessment! Today’s strategy: eCare Vault!” Speech-Language Therapist

“As a coordinator of home health care services, it is so helpful to stay connected with family members who can provide valuable input and share updated information via eCare Vault.” Nurse

Individualized Care Coordination

Connect with the entire care team for one patient, no matter how many different allied care providers they have, for unparalleled health care coordination on our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Utilize dynamic features such as:

  • Document sharing
  • Online discussion
  • Coordinated treatment planning