eCare Vault allows you to securely share documents and have discussions, both within your community agency and beyond.  Stop spending time on the phone, faxing and mailing documents.  Support your clients and manage their care all in one place with eCare Vault.

Invite and Connect: Collaborate with the other members of a client’s care team including their neuropsychologist, therapist, case manager, teacher, family member or other important member of their team to share and manage confidential health and education information, in real time.

Save Time and Boost Productivity: Reduce time spent on chasing down paper documents in the mail or fax and spend more time caring for the client.  With all the client’s information in one place, referrals and follow-up care are now seamless.

Build Long-Term Partnerships with Clients: With searchable care memory and easy access to information you can easily follow up on clients over time.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: With HIPAA and FERPA certification, eCare Vault takes the risk out of sharing information and collaborating with other team members around a client and makes it easy to keep that information secure.

eCare Vault allows me to spend time caring for the child instead of chasing down faxes and paper reports.

School-Based Clinician

I am now able to coordinate care for my clients more efficiently and effectively!  I can look at the multiple cases I am working on and efficiently follow up with all the members of a clients team.  Saving time and energy!

Case Manager

Connect. Collaborate. Care.

Manage clients within your agency at a group and individual level.  Create dynamic care teams around each client for seamless connectivity with other team members at school, home and other settings in a privacy-compliant environment.

Utilize dynamic features such as:

  • Document sharing
  • Team discussions
  • Searchable record of care
  • Electronic forms and e-signatures
  • Coordinated treatment planning
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy access from your desktop and smart phone