Complete Trials Faster

Quickly Recruit Patients, Increase Engagement, Complete Trials Faster

Gain Insights from Rich Trial History

Extract long-lasting insights well beyond clinical trial completion

Support Your Team's Success

Advance Careers with Trials Completed Under Budget and on Time

eCare Vault: The CRM For Patients

The Only True Patient-Centric CRM Software for Clinical Trials

eCare Vault combines the highest of privacy-compliance standards with the latest team-based workflow management tools.  Through virtual patient-centric teams that are loaded with multi-way collaboration and document sharing features, eCare Vault achieves two key goals:

Enhance the patient experience along the entire clinical trial journey.

Drive operational efficiencies in patient recruitment, engagement and retention.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Teams: Build Teams Around Patients for best-of-class patient engagement and retention.

  • Documents: Unleash advanced document management features for multi-way communication with customizable permission controls.

  • Discussions: Facilitate privacy-compliant collaboration via multiple discussion channels between research staff, the study site, and patients.

  • eForms & eSignatures: Save time, reduce research staff burnout, and enroll patients faster with eForms and eSignatures.

  • Workflows: Tailor eCare Vault workflows to your preferred sequence of activities, with alerts, reminders and so much more!

  • Analytics: Gain transparency with rich data and analytics to aid strategic decision making.

  • Care Memory: Retain valuable clinical trial history and transfer teams to your clients for ongoing patient engagement and insight.

Enabling A Patient-Centric Approach To Clinical Trials

eCare Vault’s flexible Care Team approach enables seamless, time-sensitive, multi-way communication between everyone who plays an important role on your clinical trial teams.

Connect trial participants with principal and sub-investigators, clinical research coordinators, nurse coordinators and more to ensure that projects move from patient enrollment to final regulatory approval in a timely fashion.

Share notes, medication lists, forms, and discussions all in one HIPAA-compliant location.

Streamline Workflows, Increase Operational Efficiencies and Reduce CRA Burnout

Paper-intensive workflows and the lack of efficient tracking of trial data, like hourly billing, leave Clinical Research Assistants and Coordinators feeling burnt out and under-valued. This leaves you with an unhappy staff and dissatisfied clients due to trials going over-time and over budget.

eCare Vault allows you to reduce time-consuming, paper-intensive workflows and brings loose papers from fax machines and places them into our platform – allowing your team to focus on the patient – and build strong, long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

With our innovative Fax2App technology and other features, driving operational efficiencies, boosting organizational productivity, and preventing the burnout of your assistants and coordinators has never been easier.

Build A Vast Database of Trial Participants

The ultimate key to building long-lasting relationships with clients and winning recurring business in the CRO world comes down to finding a pool of eligible trial participants the fastest.

With eCare Vault, you build trial population memory, giving you the power to search across the platform. This gives you a competitive edge over your clients and a superior value-add.

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