Accelerate Trial Timelines

Quickly Recruit and Enroll Patients, Increase Patient Retention and Experience, Complete Trials Faster

Capture Patient-Centric Data

Gain Insight Into the Social Determinants of Patient Retention

The Convergence of Clinical Care and Research

Invite Patient Clinical Study Team Members for Holistic Care

Patient Recruitment and Retention Issues: The Facts

85% of Clinical Trials Fail to Recruit Enough Patients

80% of Clinical Trials Fail to Finish On-Time

30% of Patients Dropout of a Clinical Trial

The genesis of these metrics are a direct cause of patient burden throughout the clinical trial journey. So how do you overcome these hurdles and make the clinical trial experience better for patients?

The Answer: eCare Vault

The Only True Patient-Centric Platform for Clinical Trials

eCare Vault boosts patient recruitment, increases patient retention, enables flexible trial design and reduces patient burden.

Through virtual patient-centric teams that are loaded with multi-way collaboration and document sharing features, eCare Vault achieves two key goals:

Enhance the patient experience along the entire clinical trial journey

Drive operational efficiencies in patient recruitment, engagement and retention

Enabling A Patient-Centric Approach To Clinical Trials

eCare Vault’s flexible patient-centered team approach enables seamless, permission-based, time-sensitive, multi-way communication between everyone who plays an important role in order to increase retention rates throughout the clinical trial.

Within our unique care-team design, patients stay engaged in the trials through multi-way connectivity between study team members, caregivers, clinical specialist and others involved in the patient’s care.

Streamline Workflows, Increase Operational Efficiencies 

Paper-intensive workflows and the lack of efficient tracking of trial data, leave patients, study sites, and all those involved in clinical trial processes overburdened.

eCare Vault allows you to reduce time-consuming, paper-intensive workflows and brings loose papers from fax machines and places them into our platform – allowing your team to focus on the patient.

Our workflow experts work with you from Step Zero to ensure our platform is tailored exactly to your needs and processes so you can accomplish your goals: Complete trials on time and under budget. 

Capture Patient-Centric Data

The ultimate key to patient-centric clinical trials success is capturing the data necessary to move the trial forward while keeping the patient in mind.

With eCare Vault, rich data contained in digital eForms, alerts, discussion channels and so much more can be analyzed for the Social Determinants of Patient Retention™ which provide our customers insights into the behavioral elements that cause patients to withdraw from clinical trials.

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a demo so we can show you how we can help you improve patient retention and recruitment.