eCare Vault for Clinical Research

Driving Patient Engagement with Precision and Heart

Longitudinal Journey of a Patient

We strive to streamline patient enrollment, enhance patient retention and engage the invaluable patient community.

Give Patients access to a privacy-compliant and personalized Vault that travels along their journey from recruitment, to enrollment, and to commercialization.

Track Patient Interaction For Real-Time Decision

eCare Vault is poised to revolutionize patient engagement strategies with precision. We capture live, primary data directly from patients to uncover patient behavioral insights to engage patients based on Patient Touch Scores with smart Hi/Low Touch Engagement strategies.


Patient-Centered Teams of Diverse Stakeholders, including Caregivers & Healthcare Providers


Multi-Way Sharing and Access of Patient Health Records, Sensitive Documents, and Education Materials to Drive Incentivization


Encrypted Discussion Channels for Smart Hi/Low Touch Engagement to Prevent Patient Leakage


eForms and eSignatures to Streamline Enrollment, Capture Patient Data and Reduce Burden


Aggregate Patient-Centric Data for Strategic Decision Making to Drive Precision Engagement and Enhance the Patient Experience