Find out how eCare Vault can work for you.

If you are the one receiving care, coordinating care, or delivering care, we are the solution for all of your communication needs on the health care journey. Find out more about how eCare Vault can give you the confidence of dynamic communication with the surety of secure information.

It is an arduous process to relay medical history, hand over manila folders, and verbally share nuanced information that cannot be gleaned directly from the medical records.

Imagine a secure cloud-based solution that functions much like the world’s most popular social applications, but with the level of privacy that meets and exceeds HIPAA requirements.

Just a few of the many benefits:

  • Loved ones, including elders, enjoy enhanced health outcomes
  • Family members enjoy peace of mind
  • Health care providers enjoy long-term partnerships

Better still, all of the elder’s care documentation, communication, and instructions are now in one secure place so everyone is on the same page at the right time, at no cost.