How eCare Vault Works

Seamless, Privacy-compliant Care Team Collaboration

Save time, boost productivity and provide integrated care

Build Care Teams

Create virtual care teams of professionals and family caregivers to support students, clients or loved ones. 

Organize and Share Documents

Upload, store, share and receive documents, all in one place. Manage confidential data in a privacy-compliant manner. 

Connect Securely and Quickly

Say goodbye to phone-tag and make the move from non-compliant email to a HIPAA, FERPA & CSPC compliant system of communication with family caregivers and other professionals.

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Go Paperless with eForms

Save time and boost productivity by assigning and receiving eforms at your fingertips. eSignatures make the process a breeze. 

Track Services

View and monitor each service interaction, building care memory and mitigating risk with a 360-approach to care.



  • Make strategic decisions based on real time data.

  • Evaluate needs and prioritize resource allocation.

  • Identify trends at all levels, from student to district.

  • Achieve quality, productivity and accountability!

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