How eCare Vault Works

Seamless, Privacy-compliant Care Team Collaboration

Save time, boost productivity and provide integrated care

Build Care Teams

Create virtual Care Teams: Include all those who play a pivotal role in caring for individuals with complex care needs including patients, clients, and students.

Organize and Share Documents

Upload, share, receive and store documents, all in one place. Manage confidential data in a privacy-compliant manner. Have peace of mind knowing private information is accessible whenever and wherever you or your team needs it. 

Connect Securely and Quickly

Engage with Care Team members across organizations to discuss goals, strategies, recommendations, and progress to enhance patient outcomes in one, single HIPAA & FERPA compliant location.

Want to see eCare Vault in action? Schedule a demo today to see how eCare Vault can help you save time, become privacy-compliant and enhance outcomes of those under your care.

Go Paperless with eForms

Boost productivity and reduce paper-intensive workflows by electronically assigning and receiving eForms at your fingertips. Simply add eSignatures to documents to save time.

Track Services

View and track each service interaction with a client to build care memory for a 360-degree approach to care.



eCare Vault provides both operational analytics to inform data-driven decision making as well as clinical analytics tied to treatment progress and outcomes.

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