How Teletherapy Can Help School Systems Maximize Their School Budgets

Aug 23, 2018 | Special Education Resources

With Special Education budgets busting at the seams in towns and cities all across America, it makes many school committees wonder, how are we going to pay for it all? Inner city budgets are beyond stressed as it is. How can they make the most of dollars they don’t even have to spend? Could teletherapy help school systems provide the services they are required to without blowing budget. What could it even save? Imagine that…

There are plenty of things modern workers do online, professionally speaking. So why not utilize those same types of services for special education by bringing the specialist to the student, no matter where that education specialist may be? For over 10 years, meetings are held in conference rooms and home offices/spare bedrooms without any hesitation. Should thinking about delivering adjunct special education be that big a leap to consider?

Teletherapy Can Help School Systems By Allowing For A Broader Selection Of Therapists

One of the major obstacles rural towns, as well as large cities run into is finding a good swathe of special education therapists to choose from. There is a shortage of education professionals in this field. Recruiting them into areas that are hard to get to or in gigantic school systems that can be intimidating to navigate, makes it difficult for school and district administrators to feel apprehensive about finding excellent candidates.

With teletherapy, geographical barriers blocking the therapist to the student are completely eliminated. Of the pains of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates only to lose great therapists to other schools systems, there are no more. No matter where your students are located, they can receive excellent special education services via the Internet through accredited teletherapy services. As long as your student has a Wi-fi connection, they are assured of IEP obligations being met when it comes to therapeutic special education services.

Teletherapy Makes When Services Are Delivered More Flexible

With a therapist in another time zone or another location, scheduling a time when therapeutic services happen for your student are much more flexible. Since most teletherapy services have multiple specialists, more than one student can be scheduled at a time. Try that with an in-person therapist! The options are almost limitless when it comes to utilizing teletherapy for special education services. Whether your special education therapist of choice is in Massachusetts or Louisiana, they can get to your student for therapy and support at the touch of an Internet Browser.

Many students enjoy the flexibility of schedules with the marriage of technology into their therapy. What student isn’t trying to find more ways to use technology during their school day anyway? The right therapist is always at the best time for all with teletherapy.

Teletherapy Can Help School Systems With Delivery, But How Do We Track And Share Progress?

One common misconception about teletherapy is that letting a third party deliver services, especially in an online format, will make it difficult to track and monitor progress for students receiving therapeutic services. This is a very valid objection to overcome. Canned reports and notes are flat and do not allow for dynamic collaboration to take place with other therapists, special education departments, and parents. How do you overcome this?

Enter eCare Vault. It is the first solution of its kind to marry real time collaboration with the flexibility of an app. It’s care management and collaboration literally in the palm of your hand! eCare Vault allows for document storage, sharing, notes, written conversations, and a window into teletherapy for all involved to see.

If your special education budget is feeling the pinch of therapy services, consider teletherapy. When you need help managing it all, come to eCare Vault.


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