Mental Health Issues In The Family Face New Challenges For All Involved

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Info for Professionals, Resources for Families

One of the fastest growing conversations in America is the reality of dealing with mental health issues in our society. To be sure, the term “mental health,” is a broad description for a rather large swathe of diagnoses. It is good to be having this conversation. What was once the subject to avoid among family members and friends has become a hot topic of discussion. Much is still unknown about mental health issues in the family as it relates to genetics and/versus outside influences. Regardless, the time is now to discuss what can be done and how a family can and should prepare to care for their loved one who has a mental illness.

Mental Health Issues In The Family Are More Common Than First Thought

Because no one ever wanted to talk about mental health as it relates to their specific family or family members, many suffered every day, believing that their loved one’s mental health issue was rare and that no one would understand. It was a horrifying thing to live with and there were few people you could find that would be willing to talk about it openly. Relegated to secrecy, that is exactly how generations with mental health issues in the family lived; in the closet.

Shattered dreams, plans for the future never realized, heartbroken parents dealt with a new normal that included their child never being able to grow up and live independently. When no one is talking about how hard that is, the suffering multiplies. The help that was available was left unrealized. Discussions about what could be done to help all involved live a more typical life went unhad.

Our society is now open for the discussion, which is great news for families dealing with this every day. Help for the afflicted is readily available and growing in variety every day. Support groups are just around the corner for many who need an open ear and a listening heart. This is a tremendous improvement over what was available yesterday, but it’s now presenting new problems.

Siloed Help Is Causing Miscommunication And Missed Opportunities For Better Care

Have you ever played the “telephone game?” Let your memory be refreshed. A group of children sit in a circle and one starts by whispering something into the child’s ear next to them, then they do the same in turn, until it goes all the way around to the originator. That is when the originator hears what the last child says and it is the message that sends all roaring into a fit of laughter. Because the original message and what comes around is almost never the same thing; or even anything that relates to it. Such is the case when a group of specialists involved in your loved ones care try to work independently for the same patient. Everyone is just playing “Telephone” with the primary caregiver and the patient and no one is really hearing what is being said. Conversations with specialists and caregivers are sometimes better had directly with each other. Currently, when that happens, it is usually over fax machine and email with formal medical records being the primary messenger. But what if everyone was really collaborating, in real time, even with patient and primary caregiver directly involved?

eCare Vault Stops The Telephone Game And Connects Everyone To The Same Communication

The time is now for real-time collaboration. What better opportunity than now for all to focus on a conversation about mental health issues in the family in one central hub for all to use?

Enter eCare Vault, the first secure, cloud-based platform of its kind, created specifically for one purpose; improving the collaboration around a loved one for a greater outcome. It’s as simple as setting up an account based on a loved one and inviting those involved in their care to access and share uploaded documents and participate in the conversations you start with those who need to have them with you.

Want to feel like everyone is speaking the same language as it relates to your loved one with mental illness? Get eCare Vault today.

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