How Care Professionals Can Do More To Help Ease Miscommunication With Family Members

Feb 20, 2018 | Info for Professionals

As a care professional, you are hired to care for someone outside of the hospital or in an in-patient care setting. You have the difficult job of entering into another person’s living space in order to care for them. When you enter into someone’s life in this fashion, you are often dealing with their family and friends as well. This creates an interesting dynamic in the patient/care professional relationship for sure. When you encounter more than one informal caregiver assisting with the patient, you can be sure that miscommunications will arise from time to time.

A sick or declining family member creates stress in the family. Care professionals will unfortunately collide with this reality. Perhaps you have experienced this many times yourself already. What can care professionals do to help with family caregiving communication hiccups that inevitably occur, making their job and their patient’s life easier?

Care Professionals Need To Be Clear And Concise With Information Giving

The most important thing you can do to help with communication problems, no matter who you are talking to, is to be as clear and concise as possible. A care professional has to be sure their communication with the patient and/or informal caregivers, like family and friends, are free of unnecessary information. Anecdotal tangents can confuse the information recipient and detract from the initial conversation.

Staying focused on what is important to the person you are leaving instructions for can make all the difference in the world. If you stay on point and only offer the information that is important to the hearer, you won’t run the risk of them focusing on the wrong details or distracting yourself from giving all of the right specifics. This will avoid important information being left off when the person you are talking to conveys their version of what you said to the next person.

Make sure the informal caregiver understands what is being conveyed when you give information. Ask them if they have any questions when you are leaving information or instructions. It might also be helpful to ask them if they need you to write it down. There is less likelihood of information being confused or forgotten if you ask if they need further instruction and offer to leave written instructions for later.

Care Professionals Should Use Digital Tools For Permanent Records

Many care professionals work for smaller companies that are not heavily invested in massive healthcare systems that require the use of digital records. For those who do not, what are they using to make sure the right information about their patient is being recorded and then shared with not only informal caregivers in the home but other professionals as well? What about the visiting nurse? How about any in-home physical therapy? Are there other family members who need to be included in the conversation?

There are many people who interact and care for your patient/client formally and informally. How do you know that all the right people have the correct and complete information they need to continue the excellent care you are giving?

eCare Vault is the choice for care professionals who are part of an overall health care team along with caregiving informally by the family. Being clear with instructions is one thing, but making sure everyone else knows what you need them to do is another. That is where eCare Vault comes in. It is the first secure cloud-based platform of its kind to provide the solution that so many care professionals are lacking; one place to store all the information you need everyone to know. Better than just sharing information and records, it allows all involved in the care team to communicate, collaborate and gather  all the information and care professionals in once place.

Imagine the possibilities of real-time collaboration and seamless, permanent communication. It’s not just possible, it’s here. Find out more today.


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