Why You Need Your Child’s Full Education History Not Just School Records

Dec 21, 2017 | Resources For Parents

Growing up, my mother dutifully collected and saved all of my report cards from Kindergarten on. Somewhere in the bowels of her box of papers and cute elementary art projects contained my Nursery School notes as well. If you dug deep enough, you could find drawings I made when I was four years old. Even then it was apparent to me that I had a lot of potential when it came to creative arts. Problem was, you never saw that mentioned anywhere in my full education history, unless you noticed the amount of art classes I took in High School and what my grades were. Most non-artistic people wouldn’t take grades in art class very seriously anyway.

So I graduated, doing somewhat above average academically, but in the top 5 when it came to art students. Most colleges couldn’t have cared less. My math grades weren’t good enough to make it passed a remedial Algebra class in Community College, which was exactly what my first class was on my first day of secondary education.

My report cards grossly failed me when it came to capturing what I was capable of, what my strengths and passions were, and what my ideal career paths should be. My guidance counselor hardly knew me, let alone be my guide to life as an adult and what an advanced education would be like. My school transcripts were barely more than grade records and attendance tallies. Looking back, it is clear that school transcripts provide barely any information at all in helping college admission departments determine which students would be best suited for their programs. SATs are only as good as the student’s ability to successfully take a test in a controlled environment. I never took mine. I was too intimidated. I can only imagine how many people just like me didn’t take their SATs for the same reason.

Full Education History Should Contain The Child’s Entire Education Experience

What would my teachers have said about me if they had a place to record it? What if my mother had taken pictures of all of those cute pictures I drew at such a tender age that would have alerted the trained art educator that she had a real budding artist on her hands?

So many children, for many reasons, fail tests every day despite the fact that they know all of the information they are being tested on. How do you capture all that this student knows if all you have to evaluate that student’s ability is to look at a filled out paper? Is there more that can be done to capture the full education history outside of report cards?

Now, more than ever, parents are faced with fighting to understand how to best educate their child and helping educators get a full picture of who their child is and what they are capable of. If you think it’s hard now, what about college entrance exams and applications? Education is a complex experience. It’s not as simple as it used to be. Neither should aA student’s full education history shouldn’t be either.

Get Your Child’s Full Education History In One Place, From Start To Finish

There are many things that go on in the course of one year in a child’s education experience, leading up to college. Make that times twelve and you have a lot of lost information on your hands that could be necessary for making the right decisions for choices. Not just for college, but private school as well.

eCare Vault leads the charge in full education history management. It’s what parents have been looking for and what admissions departments need to make the best decision possible when deciding who gets an acceptance letter and who doesn’t. Now you can make the most of capturing all of the important information necessary to get ger a full education history.

What about all those Student of the Month certificates? How about winning a prize for Science Fair five times in a row? How about their achievements in the music program? There is a wealth of information just waiting for you to keep record of and keep it handy for those who so desperately need to see it. Let education professionals really understand your child from an education perspective. Get eCare Vault today.

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