How To Best Prepare For The International School Application Process

Oct 24, 2017 | Resources for Families

The prospect of International School for your child is an exhilarating feeling. The experiences alone would make any parent clamor to have their child participate. And why not? Field trips to Africa for humanitarian relief? A chance to interact with students representing 50 or more countries? Of course! It is a diversity bowl brimming over with opportunity to learn and grow in ways you never thought possible for them. When the idea turns into planning, anxiety should give way to finding out how to best prepare for the International school application process.

First and foremost, your child will need to have a proven academic records that display excellence above all else. International school is not for the student who needs a lot of coaxing to get their school work done. These schools are looking for students who can not only prove they can succeed, but that they are inherently driven to excel.

The International School Application Process Is For The Whole Family

There is so much more to the ideal International school student than just academics. There is a philosophy that goes along with International school life and your choices for International schools will be looking to see how well your child and even your family fit into that model.

You will want to sit your family down and have an honest discussion about what International school means for the student interested, and what it means for your family dynamics going forward. It might mean a few different conversations before everyone gets their head around one of their family members living in another country to attend school. If everyone is okay with that, then it is time to prepare for the International school application process by getting everything in order.

All of the schools you and your child will be interested in have a website with a list of documentation they will need and what other information they require to accompany your child’s application. Most of them are lengthy. Be prepared. Any school records you can obtain prior to getting started. Get letters of recommendation for your student from anyone they interact with academically or otherwise.

Some ideas for recommendation letters include:

  • Teachers
  • School Officials
  • Tutors
  • Academic Club Leaders
  • Sports Coaches
  • Adults of Mention who know your child

You are also going to need to tell the International school a lot about yourself, the parents, as well. Make sure you polish up a good bio for yourself and your co-parent as well:

  • Where did you both go to school?
  • Where did you both attend college?
  • Advanced degrees?
  • What is/are your current occupation(s)?
  • What do you both do in your leisure time?
  • Philanthropy efforts individually or as a family?
  • What do you think would be interesting to tell them about your family?
  • Won any awards?

Be concise. The are looking to accept your child, not you, but you will need to give as accurate a picture into your child’s life as you possibly can. That includes what his or her family life is like.

Where You Put All This Information For The International School Application Process

So you have all of the reams of information you need for the application. Where do you put it all? What about pictures, notes, and other information. You can’t send it all in a box, can you? eCare Vault is a secure, cloud-based platform for just what you need; a place to store, record and collaborate on all this information with your prospective International school seamlessly. It really is the solution that International school parents are looking for; for the application process and beyond.

They Accepted The Application. What Happens Next?

Your next step will be a live interview, maybe two. It is very important that the International school considering you has a 360 degree view of your child. One of the ways they do that is to talk to them and the rest of the family in-person. What better way to get to know someone than sitting down for an old-fashioned in-person conversation.

The biggest piece of advice we can give on how to prepare for the interview? Relax! You all want this to be the right fit for your student, right? No need to stress. They have all the information they need right in front of them, at their fingertips, thanks to eCare Vault, right?

Be yourself. Trying to be something you are not is going to come through in the conversation anyway. Your kid is exceptional. Let them be themselves, and you be yourself and let the International school see it for themselves.

The International school application process is involved, but it is worth it for the lifetime of experiences your child will have an opportunity to be a part of. An involved process doesn’t have to be complicated. Let eCare Vault help you be prepared and organized for your child’s new education adventure!


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