3 Things You Shouldn’t Do If Your Teen Needs A Therapeutic Boarding School

Sep 26, 2017 | Resources for Families

Chances are, if you are reading this, a lot has happened in your child’s life if your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school. One thing parents of teens in need of this kind of school unanimously have to say is they are tired. Nobody’s teen ever needs a therapeutic boarding school out of nowhere. The process, whether fast or slow, builds until it reaches an apex and for you and your family, that includes your teen living somewhere else for a while to get the help they need.

There are several things you must do as a parent to prepare your child and your family if your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school. Things around the house are going to change. It will be hard on you all but there are 3 things you shouldn’t do and it’s important to discuss those before you make your decision and find placement for your child.

Don’t Do These If Your Teen Needs A Therapeutic Boarding School

Take a deep breath, Mom(s) and/or Dad(s). This is a big decision. This may or may not be your teen’s last stop in the road to wholeness, but regardless, things are going to the next level so prepare yourself.

Don’t Blame Yourself – While you’ve heard this a few times before, understand it now; you are not a failure as a parent because your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school. What you are doing is being a responsive parent who cares about their child’s future and that is why it has come to a place in your child’s life that you are making this decision. Bad parents don’t care about their child’s future. That’s not you. So, let’s not make this harder than it has to be by blaming yourself and/or the other parent. It’s too late to dissect how your family got here. Let’s move forward knowing the situation is what it is. The solution is here so stop beating yourself up.

Don’t Fail To Take Time To Emotionally Prepare Yourself – Yes, there will be emotional fallout in the family over this decision. Maybe it will be with your child’s siblings or other members of your family. It will most likely be with your teen. No matter who is emotionally affected by this decision, know that you will do much better with it if you check in with yourself and do what you need to do to be centered enough to handle it.

Take a long ride in the car, write in your journal, pray, meditate, check in with a trusted friend for moral support, meet with a member of your clergy. The point is, you need emotional support and validation. Go get it. Make sure you are as okay emotionally as you can be before you sit down with your teen and/or the rest of the family. Be brave, see the bigger picture and make sure that picture includes you confidently seeing through this transition in your family’s life.

Don’t Forget All Of Your Child’s Information – In times of tension and uncertainty it is easy to forget important things. If your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school, that school is going to need as accurate a picture of your child’s condition and the things that came into play along the way to get them to where they are now. School records are helpful but they are not the complete picture. Also include the following:

  • A personal assessment of what your child has been experiencing
  • Clinical notes from any psychological or psychiatric treatment they’ve received
  • Assessments from other specialists who work with your child
  • A letter from your child describing what things are like for them (if possible)
  • Pictures of your teen
  • A bio of your teen that includes what hobbies they have or used to

Having a holistic view of your teen in record form will do a lot of good in getting to know your teen quickly and helping to restore your child as seamlessly as possible. Assembling this information will churn up some emotion for sure. Take a deep breath and put it all in one place so your teen’s therapeutic boarding school has easy access to it.

eCare Vault Helps Families By Keeping Records Securely Online And Facilitates Real Time Collaboration With Professionals

Letting go of your teen and placing them into the hands of trusted professionals is hard. There will be a time of separation with your teen at their new residence that is necessary for establishing your teen in their therapeutic boarding school. It’s not a punishment, it’s a necessary part of the therapy.

Keeping your child’s records in one place, securely online for the professionals at your teen’s therapeutic boarding school is a great way to keep connected and included in the therapeutic process without upsetting the flow of treatment. If your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school, consider getting your login to eCare Vault for document sharing and real collaboration that works for everyone involved in getting your teen on the right track to success.


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