3 Reasons To Record Your Child’s Summer For Their Special Education Team

Jun 20, 2017 | Resources For Parents

Soon the doors will swing open at the end of your child’s school day for the last time this year. As children pour out the doors, it will  only be the beginning for many families who have children with special needs. While other children will go to sleep away camp, children such as these will do activities that best match their physical, emotional and educational capabilities.

Finding fun things for children with special needs to do during the summer presents its own unique set of circumstances. It may surprise you to know that many a special education team is largely left in the dark about how their student’s summer went as they file back sun-kissed and excited about their new backpack.

Changes In Your Child’s Behavior May Materialize In Summer Months

Your child’s special education team wants to know about any new changes in behavior or social communication when they return from school. New information always helps the team assess and reassess, especially when special education plans like IEPs and 504s are agreed upon in the previous year.

There are other professionals who would like to see detailed information about your child’s summer, particularly therapists and other allied care professionals. Good, inclusive information gives your child’s special education team and beyond insights into how therapies and strategies are working for your child in the real world instead of the contrived scenarios they typically go through with your child. It is easy for your child to regurgitate rehearsed strategies with children they know, but when they are in new settings, different behaviors and ways of dealing with social interaction may evolve. Your child’s special education team and specialized therapists should know.

The Special Education Team Would LOVE To Hear From Other Professionals

It is one thing to tell your child’s team what happened during camp, while away in a new environment or any other telling things they may need to hear in order to adjust strategies with your child. It is gold for them to hear it straight from other professionals. While this kind of interaction and collaboration makes all the difference in the success of your child’s special education plan, most of the time this level of collaboration never takes place.

Parents try and replay what happened for their special education team when the subject arises and many special education professionals have to guess about what happened and how things came about. This hampers their ability to put in place effective ways to deal with challenges that came about during the summer.

If you can, ask your camp counselors, specialized therapists, facilitators of therapy groups, or any other professional who has interacted with your child during the summer to write progress notes for you to share with your child’s special education team. If your child attends a camp specialized for their extra needs, they may be doing this already. Make sure you share this information with your special education team at the very least. It will make all the difference, especially if new information deems it necessary to make IEP or 504 adjustments.

The Gap In Summer Typically Presents Challenges To Your Child

For children who are routine-oriented, the change of daily life from school year to summer, back to school year is difficult for them to manage. Also, the time away from their special education team creates delays in progress because there is always catch-up to be done in the first few weeks.

Great strategies are only as good as their practical application. Chances are, your child is not actively using those strategies outside of school. They can never be practiced outside of school if your child is going to camp for the summer with a counseling team who has no idea what those strategies are.

Imagine how much easier life would be for your child if everyone knew the strategies, lexicon and approaches your child has been learning all school year. How much easier would it be for them when school resumes if they had an opportunity to continue all the great things they learned all year?

eCare Vault Solves All Of These Challenges In One Application

Journaling your child’s summer will take time. Sharing that information will make all the difference to your child’s special education and any therapists who are meeting with your child during the summer. Don’t you wish everyone knew exactly what was going on with as much detail as possible? The next best thing to having these teams by your side during the day, every day is to present as much information as possible, as it is happening.

This is where eCare Vault comes in. eCare Vault is a cloud-based application you can access from any mobile device. You can journal your child’s summer right from your smartphone. Take pictures, upload progress notes from camp, share this information with your child’s entire professional network and allow them to communicate with each other. How great would that be?

No more catch-up and trying to remember everything to put together in an email. Now, more than ever, you can be a proactive member of your child’s special education team by recording, sharing and collaborating for better success in your child’s transition from summer to the new school year.

If you need assistance keeping track of all your child’s special education information, eCare Vault may be the best news yet for summer break.



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