How To Uncomplicate Special Education For Physically Disabled Children

Apr 6, 2017 | Special Education Resources

If you are a parent of a child in need of special education services, you know that getting the right mix of education accommodations and services can feel like walking on a tightrope. Add in the scenario of your child also having a physical disability or other type of physical malady, and suddenly things get even more complicated. How do you manage the nuances of special education for disabled children with your child’s school?

There are times when more help is needed to be sure your child is having all of their needs met at school–physical, educational and emotional. Special education for disabled children, while much improved, is still a puzzling situation that school systems and parents are grappling with.

More frustrating to everyone is how varying the outcomes can be by school district. Things that may not be a big deal to your current school may be quite troubling at another. How do you help your child settle into a new school while you are dealing with crisis after crisis over education professionals being caught unaware by a new child with customized educational and physical accommodations?

Communication Is Key In Special Education For Physically Disabled Children

Too often parents make the mistake of thinking that professionals know what they are doing without any input and fail to convey important information to their child’s school. You should never assume that every school knows just what to do in every situation, especially if your child is new to them.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Provide all of the paperwork you have on your child’s learning difficulties
  • Discuss any special education concerns with their doctor for input
  • Ensure an open dialogue with your child’s special education team
  • Update all professionals involved of any changes in your child’s conditions
  • Keep apprised of mood changes your child is experiencing and communicate those to your special education team

Share what you need to about your child no matter how minor it may seem to you. It’s the little pieces of information over time that make the biggest difference in the overall plan with special education for disabled children. This is even more important for children with language issues or for those who are limited in how they communicate.

Communication Tools Can Help You Convey Important Information About Your Child

We’ve stressed the importance of communication when it comes to special education for disabled children. We’ve addressed the need to share all information, no matter how small, with everyone involved so everyone has the best picture they can about how to help your child. Just like everything else in the world today, “Is there an app for that?” Well, actually there is.

eCare Vault is the first application of its kind in that it was developed for parents just like you trying to manage care and education plans for your child at the same time. By allowing the parent to keep an online record of all important documentation, share information with any professional that may impact your child’s health care and education plans, and keep a record of all feedback and conversations in the tool, parents can feel confident that all of the right information is in the hands of the people who need it.

For many parents like you, trying to share all the information with everyone in an efficient manner while keeping some semblance of sanity is nearly impossible. The dream child of Neuropsychologist, Dr. Aparna Rao, eCare Vault is the missing puzzle piece that parents of children with special needs have been looking for. Say goodbye to the over-stuffed manila folders you cart around from one specialist’s office to another!

If communication of your child’s needs has you frustrated and concerned, eCare Vault may be just the thing you need to feel more in control of your child’s special education outcome. No matter how many children you have with special needs or no matter how large their care team is, it’s free. As one parent described it, eCare Vault is kinda like the ‘Facebook’ of secure care coordination.

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