Coming Soon: The Mobile App for eCare Vault!

Apr 24, 2017 | General Information

eCare Vault’s web application is now successfully in active beta, and we are bringing on board new users on a regular basis. If you are as excited as we are, Sign up for our Beta now!

While the full web application is also available on your smartphone, we’re excited to announce that native apps for Apple and Android smartphone devices are coming soon and will be made available to select beta users in May. You have to be a beta user to get your hands on our smartphone apps so sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of them!

You may wonder, why build native smartphone apps if you can already use the web application from your phone? eCare Vault is all about providing you with secure access to healthcare information when you need it most. When you walk into your care provider’s office, you should be able to show them a report, or a picture, or other care coordination information right from your phone! Why carry armloads of paperwork around with you every time you have a visit?

Care Coordination As Easy As Your Favorite Social Media Applications

Fully integrating the eCare Vault application with your smartphone’s capabilities requires building a native app. For example, if you need to call a care provider, you should be able to navigate to their phone number right from your eCare Vault care team, and one-click dial them.

When you receive a paper document from your doctor, you should be able to take a picture of it with your phone and easily upload it into eCare Vault. If you’ve already downloaded a document to your phone, you should be able to open it instantly without waiting. And you’ll want the convenience of using touch-id to securely access your data from your own personal phone.

All these functions and more are coming soon to your smartphone. To try out the mobile eCare Vault app, sign up for our beta user list today! We’d love the opportunity to put care coordination for you and your loved ones literally into your hands.

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