3 Special Education Websites That Help Parents The Most

Apr 13, 2017 | Special Education Resources

In an effort to try and gain some sense of control over their child’s newly founded diagnoses, many parents look to special education websites to find information. The Internet is practically busting at its seams with places to go to connect with other parents to share stories and compare notes. Unfortunately, if you are looking for more than just a place to connect with other parents going through the paces of special education planning and coordination, the pool of useful special education websites diminishes significantly. So, where can parents go and feel like they are receiving more than just words on a page on how to manage a child’s special needs?

Special Education Websites and Apps That Actually Help Parents

What a parent really needs is a way to manage the arduous process that is special education coordination and management. Anyone who has been part of a child’s IEP know that a lot goes into the outcome of one. There are meetings about initial findings with the school, appointments with pediatricians and specialists, testing, more meetings, more specialists…the list goes on. The amount of paperwork a parent must keep track of, hold on to, and share with everyone involved is mountainous. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated, especially if they are the only one who knows that has a child going through the special education planning process. So what helps a parent with all of this? We have found a few places for parents to go and find the support they need, to not just get through this process, but feel confident in their decisions every step of the way:

eCare Vault Builds A Care Record For Parents Like No One Else

One of the biggest challenges in the special education process is accurately sharing all of the pertinent information with all of the people who need it in an efficient manner. While most companies have all but abandoned the fax machine, it seems that the medical/education fields still have not received the memo. Most of the time, specialists are receiving doctors’ and teachers’ notes and forms via the good old fashioned fax machine. What eCare Vault, a cloud-based platform does, that none of the other special education applications do, is allow the parent, the education professional, the specialist and the doctors to all collaborate together via threaded messages and view all of the same documentation in one application. It completely removes the need for relaying information and fax machine limbo. If you need peace in the special education process, then this is it. Connect, collaborate and organize your child’s information, all in one place.

“Learning disabilities are not a prescription for failure”- Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D.

Special Education Websites That Assist Parents With Education Plans

The National Center For Learning Disabilities has lots of very valuable information, resources and recommendations for the parent who wants to get a handle on what they are dealing with. Their focus is educating  each demographic impacted by teaching a child with special needs, not just the parent. Still, the NCLD is not going to help you manage everything but they will tell you what you need to do in order to get through the testing process and what to do to help children once  they receive their diagnosis. Support is there, but education seems to be the focus on this site. The help comes in the form of arming the parent with information on how to do this, rather than being a tool that helps them do it. On the website Special Education Degrees, there is a comprehensive digest of where parents can go for further information, depending on what they are looking for. As far as being a good source of resources, this site does a great job of trying to include a little bit of everything. Again, they won’t help you with managing the process or doing anything like eCare Vault does, but if you want to read up and get connected to other parents and resources, this is a good site to start with.

How Parents Can Keep Themselves From Burning Out

No matter what resources a parent takes advantage of, going through the special education process starts to wear on any parent. There is a lot to managing the many facets to special education diagnosis and planning. Know when you are reaching your breaking point and take action to guard against burn-out. You can do the following:

  • Talk to a friend who has gone before you
  • Speak to a professional about your situation
  • Get plenty of sleep and/or exercise
  • Enlist a spouse, a sibling, or a good friend to help you
  • Know it’s okay to have intense feelings sometimes

Taking advantage of all of these special education websites and resources and tips will have you well on your way to feeling confident and assured of the right path for your child. Most of all, you are not doing this alone.

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