What Special Education Resources Help Parents Succeed?

Mar 1, 2017 | Resources For Parents

As special education diagnoses become more complex, parents struggle to find special education resources they can count on to help them navigate uncharted waters. Once someone sounds the alarm for testing, parents are suddenly thrust into a frenzied pace of testing appointments, healthcare referrals and school meetings in an effort to do what is best for their child.

Most of us know a friend or family member that has been swept into the swift current that is special education planning for their child. Maybe it’s even you. If just thinking about this situation quickens your heart rate, you should read on.

What Special Education Resources Are There For Parents?

Some tools have come along in recent years as special education has expanded to help the parent caught up in special education planning overcome the overwhelming experience. Having to accept there is a concern and taking the steps to meet the demands of the concern are taxing enough. Being in the situation of trying to stay on top of a diagnosis and manage education plans seems impossible at times.

What is available to help a parent facing these issues? There are some special education resources to help you along the way. Here are a few if you need help with special education care and coordination:

Special Education Forums For Parents – These have been the main funnel of information to parents of children with special needs for the last decade. Concerned parents have taken to the Internet in search of a place where they can vent concerns and get information that might help them feel more empowered.

The pros are definitely there if you are looking for camaraderie and a place to start gathering information. The cons come with knowing whether or not that information is correct or even pertains to your child’s particular concerns. Special education guidelines vary by state. What is good in California may not be the case in New Jersey.

Special Education Blogs and Information Sites – There is an avalanche of blogs, mostly written by parents, all of which you can try and sift through at your leisure. A lot of them do offer lots of real world experience with tips aimed to help you avoid the pitfalls they ran into. Some of them are not accurate though and rife with personal opinions instead of scientific facts.

You have to be careful where you get your information from. For parents in the throes of care planning and looking for special education resources, there isn’t much extra time to try and fact check all the information to find the few good pieces they need to help make decisions regarding their child’s special education goals.

What Special Education Resources Actually Help?

Plenty of places to get information, but where do you go to do special education care and coordination? There is an ‘app for that’ to help you with anything from the serious to the ludicrous. What about for parents with children in need of special education services?

Brand new on the special education scene is eCare Vault. It’s like Facebook for special education care and coordination. Imagine being able to communicate with everyone involved in your child’s special education journey, no matter what piece of the puzzle they are, in one place like any of your social media tools. It’s one place to store the sea of documentation into a common tool for everyone to look at. An important differentiating factor of eCare Vault that brings peace-of-mind is that it is secure, HIPAA-compliant and designed by MIT-trained engineers with vast experience in the area of encryption and privacy.

Parents who have used it say that it’s the calm in the storm they have been looking for but didn’t know where to go. It is the solution they needed but didn’t think it existed.

You can certainly use any of the above for guidance and support, but to actually get the job done in the way of special education resources, a comprehensive app for special education coordination and management is eCare Vault. Best of all; it’s free to use for parents and other care providers on their child’s team.

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